Leadership-Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, as soon as this name is heard the first thing that comes to mind is the greatest basketball player of all time. However, what we fail to keep in mind is how Michael Jordan became so great and now has become one of the most recognized athletes. The commercial called “Maybe” takes us through the journey of Jordan’s extraordinary career. The commercial educates the audience to understand that Jordan did not just wake up as the best basketball player and his skills were not a “god given gift” (Maybe, Michael Jordan). Jordan strived to be the best and he did just that. Jordan’s dedication and drive led him to become the best; furthermore, his experiences have also led him to become an exceptional leader. Till this day anything that is associated with Michael Jordan’s name becomes much more valuable.


The commercial is able to provide the ultimate motivation for anyone with a journey through Jordan’s legacy. One of the main messages of the commercial is that you can make up as many excuses as you want for yourself, but in the end only you have the power to become what you want rising over your obstacles.  


Michael Jordan’s career as a basketball player was not just handed to him, he earned it. Jordan may make a free throw look easy, but in reality it took a lifetime for him to perfect it. Throughout the commercial, the images portrayed are very powerful and tell a story of their own. After viewing the full minute and two second commercial, the audience is presented with many images that display a reality of workmanship. With having Jordan narrate the commercial with his confident voice makes the images that much more powerful applying a sense of practicality. The commercial starts off portraying images of his statue followed by a list of accomplishments reinforcing the power of the brand he has created. The image of his childhood home, neighborhood, and his living room provide a sense of realism and enable the viewer to relate. The images indicate that Jordan grew up living an average life. The images progressing also suggest the same message. The number Jordan wore through out his career “23” was also not just a number he wore while playing for the Chicago Bulls. This number was the same number he wore in high school and followed by his career in college. Having this number depicted throughout the commercial indicates this number has been with him throughout his whole basketball career. For Jordan this has become a part of his identity. Till this present day, the number 23 is automatically associated with Jordan’s name. Going forward with the commercial the image of the room with all his rewards displays his clearly defines his success. After all the images that are illustrated prior of hard work, the last image is of his earned achievements.


There are many leadership traits that Jordan portrays indicated within the commercial. Jordan made a commitment from early on that he was going to push himself to be the best as seen with the image of his old hoop. Jordan was clearly self-motivated enough to put in all the long hours it would take to perfect his game. Throughout his career, Jordan continually developed new aspects of his game as well as took care of his body in the weight room. Jordan can also be quoted saying “I had locked in, committed to my goals. I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don’t do things half-heartedly” (ThinkExist). Jordan clearly had determination; he grew up in an average neighbourhood but continued to have the drive to believe and did not stop trying.  Jordan is also considered one of the most competitive athletes of all time; he was always out there determined to get the win. Within the commercial his competitiveness suggested two things, one having a strong desire to win and second hating to lose. Jordan also stated “I always had the ultimate goal of being the best. I feel that if I am considered one of the best players in the game, then I have to prove there is a reason for that” (ThinkExist).  Jordan had utmost self-confidence in himself and of his abilities. Jordan earned his confidence by all the hard work he put into his game. However, Jordan was much more self-confident because he focused more on the positive things he wanted to achieve making weaknesses his strengths without fearing failure. Jordan also indicated that he “never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot. If I’m jumping into any situation, I’m thinking I’m going to be successful” (ThinkExist). Jordan earned the respect of his teammates because of his competiveness, confidence and commitment. Jordan was arguably the greatest leader of the Chicago Bulls. Jordan always held his teammates to a high standard as he states “The second I let down, particularly if I’m perceived as the leader of my team, I give others an opening to let down as well. If the person out front takes a day off or doesn’t play hard, why should anyone else?” (ThinkExist). The commercial overall is very inspirational, but as indicated within this text their are many other Jordan quotes that exist exemplifying his leadership traits.


There are many reasons great leadership can be motivating alongside demotivating. First off it is very difficult to become the best, and very easy to give up. This is simply why in many ways the traits of an excellent leader maybe de-motivating to a follower. No matter how hard a follower will work, they will never be as good as their leader. Michael Jordan has already been given the “best” title with so many accomplishments. For many it just becomes easier to just try to be “Like Mike” rather than be better than him. Many also fail to realize that leader was once a follower just how Jordan started, like this commercial shows, but when the bar is set so high, sometimes it just becomes to look unachievable.


In the end, Jordan’s “Maybe” commercial gives a real look into the journey of his extraordinary career.  The commercial goes on to show that hard work can make dreams come true. Jordan was not born a champion he worked for his accomplishments. Moreover, Jordan as a leader is truly inspirational as we are shown images of his career that are relatable and raw.  


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